What’s Next? The Evolution of Risk in Retail

Stonebriar Ballroom May 9, 2017 4:15 pm - 5:05 pm

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Glen Jones

There is a motto that always seems to ring true in this industry – constant vigilance.  As cyber intelligence professionals, we must continually be aware and alert to incoming vulnerabilities and threats. But what about what’s next? Visa, along with retailers large and small, is a prominent target for cybercrime, and thus their defense team is on the leading edge. In this keynote, Glen Jones shares what Visa sees as emerging threats to the payment ecosystem, financial crime trends and the top concerns for merchants of all types. He uses case studies to share what Visa has observed in targeting of victims for financial crime, attacker tactics, the latest methods criminals are using to evade detection and likely future threats to payment networks. He’ll also discuss how Visa prepares the payments industry to defend against emerging threats on mobile, e-commerce and traditional point of sale platforms.